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LTL Tooling is quite possibly the best place to find the economical alternative to high priced equipment for the wire harness industry It’s time to automate wire terminating and hand crimping!

LTL Tooling has designed, manufactured, and modified machines and tooling for items such as applicators, strippers, twisters, dies, and fixtures for the wire terminating industry as well as textiles. We also help you find the perfect ergonomic hand tools and Crimping Hand Tool Actuators for the job.

We are the company to call if you need a machine, die, or fixture for a specialized purpose, and economically priced. Contact LTL Tooling today!

Crimping Hand Tool Actuators:

We are very excited to introduce our newest Hand Crimper the LTL Tooling line of products. It is our new HCAP-03 model. One of our customers needed a specialized crimper for those “Heavy Head” crimping tools. They were reporting repetitive hand injuries and at the same time there were many rejects from QC. The HCAP-03 model is specially designed for big gauge wire and “Heavy Head” crimping tools. This hand tool automation is the perfect wire terminating equipment. To find out about the LTL Tooling and Machine Hand Crimper Air-Press 03 click here>>.

Ergonomic Hand Tools and Hand Crimping Actuators - Hand Crimper Air Press 03

Example of our Hand Crimper Air Press 03


News Archives:
September 2016

After many years in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, we moved our shop to a more modern facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. About 40 minutes North of our old location, this new facility will provide us with more “leg room” and space to grow our business. Here is our new address: 185 East Walnut Street, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.  To our loyal customers please update our address in your contact and mailing lists. Click for a Google map of LTL Tooling’s location in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin>>

New Cable Center Strip Air Press product

After many requests from our customers who needed a better way to center strip cables, we developed a new Cable Center Striper Air Press. Similar to our Center Strip Wire Stripper, our new cutter is capable of cutting larger gauge cables. Click to find out more>>

Ergonomic Hand Tools - LTL Tooling's New Cable Center Strip Air Press

Example of our new Cable Center Strip Air Press

March 2015

We developed a new Wire Coiler. Our custom design enables you to coil wire of different lengths, sizes (diameter) and with or without terminals. Our coiler can also be used to coil rope, string and line. Click to find out more>>

August 2014

We developed a special cutting head for “spring wire” available for our CC-1 Cable Cutter. Contact us for details>>

All of our products our proudly made in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Featured Product:

Our featured product is the Hand Crimper Air-Press 02 (HCAP-02).

Get the speed and quality press of a pneumatic crimper, use your existing hand crimpers and reduce repetitive hand injuries with one machine. Hand crimping tool automation is the future – and you can get on board!

We are very proud of the U.S. Patented unique pressure equalization mechanism which applies equal pressure to both handles of the crimping hand tool actuators installed, eliminating tool handle breakage.

No other machine in the industry offers this time saving feature or is as helpful as our hand tool crimping machine.  Read more>>